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The Light of Life  / Passerby (None)  Read >>
The Light of Life  / Passerby (None)

When one of earth's most lovely lights
   has flickered and gone out,

The shadow in your heart is almost 
   more than you can bear.

You strive for understanding 
  as you struggle through the days,
with undiminished longing 
  for a smile no longer there.

Although profoundly changed,
   the world keeps whirling all around you.

In time, you'll find the  comfort  
  tender memories can restore.

And someday, past the tears,
   the light of life will be rekindled
with hope and love as radiant 
   and inspiring as before.

wished i saw u for a moment  / Mba Love (someone who love and care )  Read >>
wished i saw u for a moment  / Mba Love (someone who love and care )

I learnt about you when you were already gone.i love all i heard about you.sleep on dearier till God calls you up.i wish ur family will be comforted, till we all meet you to part no more.may God rememmber you in the resurrection.
  I love you dear one
  farewell sweedy

I am so sorry.  / Bella P. (Passerby)  Read >>
I am so sorry.  / Bella P. (Passerby)

To the parents of April Love....
Your daughter was a beautiful young woman, and her smile lights up all the photos you have here. I am so sorry for your loss, and pray that God may heal you with His Love. I know that somewhere up in Heaven, April is saying to our Lord: "Watch over my family, Father, they need Your Grace right now."

Even her name speaks of love and light, and I was blessed to stumble on this page. God Bless and keep you, comfort you, and take you into His arms as you go through this time. 

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear not, for Thou art with me."

God Bless your daughter and her legacy.

Remembering / B. Gutierrez (friend)  Read >>
Remembering / B. Gutierrez (friend)
Hey April. I just got done with classes last week and have been tying lose ends. I went to campus today to turn in my last book from the library and I couldn't help but think of you.
I remember so clearly when we had the graduation talk and how you wanted to get out in 3 years and then made fun of me cause you said it would take me 5.... you know I was planning on just one more semester because of all the hours!!! and now, that I'm done in less than what we talked, I wish you were here... and that we had walked together at commencement. and that you were here to see I finally got another 4.0... the one we always worked hard for.

I miss you so much girl.

your B, always. Close
I Shed a Tear Everytime I Think of U!!!  / Lekeshia Miles (Classmate and Friend )  Read >>
I Shed a Tear Everytime I Think of U!!!  / Lekeshia Miles (Classmate and Friend )
April, April, April,

Girl, what can I say. I still cannot come to terms on the fact that u are no longer with us. It seems like a bad dream that I just cannot seem to wake up from. Every time I stop by here and that music starts to playin.... Um, I can't even write without getting choked up.  Then I see that amazing beauty of your face and that smile that could light up the darkest night.  I just do not accept that you are gone... and I will not. The way I see it, you are on a much deserved vacation that will last until eternity.  Anyone who didnt have a chance to be blessed with your presence truly missed out on an opportunity to see what a true black woman was like. I still remember your Sweet 16 birthday bash up at your parent's house. We had a lot of fun that night. Be proud of yourself, because we truly are. You have accomplished more in these 20 years than many people do in a lifetime. I hope and wish to be everything that you were and still are. But you were one of a kind. No one could ever replace you in my heart. Like my grandmother always tells me, God is not taking away anyone to hurt another, he is only taking his angels away from this life of trials and tribulations. He is making sure that he does not leave any of his angels behind... and he did not because you are an angel among angels. I miss you girl and one day soon, we will be reunited and rejoice again and again.  Our loss and God's gain. Love you like a sista!!! Close

missing her  / Lacey Stewart (friend)  Read >>
missing her  / Lacey Stewart (friend)
I was just thinking about April and how I still miss her.  I pray that you are doing o.k.  With love, Lacey Close
A Bright Star  / Ruby ((also grieving a friend) )  Read >>
A Bright Star  / Ruby ((also grieving a friend) )

April, reading your legacy & tributes for you, watching your video & pictures, I can only tell that you were such a sweet child, and an angel. our Loving Creature must have prepared a peaceful and special place for you. 
Your parents,family & friends were blessed for having you in their lives. That they were part of yours. And although I don't know your family & friends,  my heart grieves with them, we are connected in grief, in longing for a loved one that we will never have the chance to be with again until we join you in God's Kingdom. I too, have lost a very dear childhood friend, Juvy. She passed away May 30,2007 at the age of 40.We were like twins(born just few days apart) and grew up together. She's friendly like you, so you can always say Hi to her and she can be your surrogate Mom in heaven since her daughter she left behind is about your age(both of us have one daughter each). May God keep you in His eternal embrace.

Thinking of you!  / Angela May (Cousin/Soror)  Read >>
Thinking of you!  / Angela May (Cousin/Soror)
Hey Love! I was just thinking aboutyou today. I still miss you tremendously! Crystal is coming to visit and I'm excited. When I see her, I see you! Well just wanted to write because I don't come on here that often b/c it's still very painful. I love you and miss you!!! Close
on my mind  / Joyce Smith (junior high school counselor )  Read >>
on my mind  / Joyce Smith (junior high school counselor )
Something keeps coming to me.  Every time I feel I have to do this.  I wonder all the time about how I could have done or said more to inform you and others like you.  I feel as if I failed to warn you of the dangers.  I just always wanted nothing but happiness for you.  I wish you would have let me in.  How do I get "in" for others?

I know if there is a way for you to let me know you will be the one to find it.  Waiting to hear from you!

love you still and trully missing you,
Ms. Smith Close
I see things differently  / Modupe Kowe (Stranger)  Read >>
I see things differently  / Modupe Kowe (Stranger)
I was lookin through your page and i realized we are the same age, and im thinking that if i die i want to live a fulfilled life like you did. I just realized that i have to show love to people around me because i can never know when Gods going to call me too. Rest in Peace April and May God give your loved ones strength and comfort Close
Its hard  / Kotarra Hall (Friend)  Read >>
Its hard  / Kotarra Hall (Friend)
Its been almost two years and I still can't get over the hurt. You were the reason I did everything from cheerleading with you to going to college. But when I reflected back over the years you really touched my heart and for that I thank you. Now I remember you and smile for your goodness lives on.

I Love You Close
We're done girl!  / Bertha Gutierrez (friend)  Read >>
We're done girl!  / Bertha Gutierrez (friend)
Hey April,

Life took so many turns in our four years of college. It was longer and harder once you weren't with us anymore, but we made it, friend. I was thinking of the time you told me you were thinking of a 3-year graduation and how I asked you to stay.

Thank you for staying with me girl. At commencement I was cheering for everyone I knew that crossed that stage, and I thought of you so much. I wished I could have seen you there.

Each step around campus was a reminder of our friendship. Now, with that journey behind us the hope of seeing you once God calls my name will keep our friendship going.

I miss you every day girl. And I can't wait to give you a hug again!

your B. Close
beautiful smile  / Page Briscol (none)  Read >>
beautiful smile  / Page Briscol (none)
To The Family,

I just happen to be on this site for my own personal reasons and I have to say that April has such a beautiful smile.  I'm sure she has touched many.... Close
Missing You  / Stephanie Campbell   Read >>
Missing You  / Stephanie Campbell
April times are hard to go on without you I miss you so much I pray to you ever night. I now that you listen I love you so I can't wait when I see you in that other land love you.  Close
A Mother's Day Thought from April  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )  Read >>
A Mother's Day Thought from April  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

HAPPY 22nd Birthday  / Ira Love (Dad)  Read >>
HAPPY 22nd Birthday  / Ira Love (Dad)

I reflected on this day, which seems a short twenty-two years ago, and the joy that filled my heart with your earthly entrance. I knew you were something special.  I see clearly me standing staring through the nursery window late that night and the nurse coming out and asking me if I was the father. She asked if I wanted to feed you. I smiled with a natural response of yes. After preparation I sat in a rocking chair gently holding you close while you pulled on the bottle. I made a personal commitment to you during those very moments to do everything possible within me to give you every opportunity to do good with your life. 

This month you would be walking across the University of Arkansas stage receiving your degree with a triple major.         Maybe not in the flesh, but on that day we'll take that walk.

I''m proud.

I love you and miss you each and every day.


Happy Birthday Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  / Blondie Bradley (Aunt)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  / Blondie Bradley (Aunt)
Happy Birthday my Darling,
Aunt Blondie, Joy And Jaiden Just wanted you to know that we didn't forget your birthday."How could WE". We love You and we Miss you terribly.Peace my Angel.

Sleep Well Beautiful One  / Jackie-Passerby   Read >>
Sleep Well Beautiful One  / Jackie-Passerby
You touched so many lives. You have touched my life just reading your story and your tributes. You were killed tragically. The coward that killed you will also stand before God and be judge. I'm so sorry that you had to go in that manner. I'm so sorry that you never got a chance to become a wife or a mother. I'm so sorry that your family and friends had to endure such pain. A mother and a father is always prepared to go first.  Your parents weren't prepared. I can only pray for their strength. In the word it says that we may endure for a night but joy will come in the morning. I can't wait to get to Heaven just to meet you. Sleep well April. You were too good for this cruel world.    Close
I'm so sorry  / Chanaya Burton (stranger)  Read >>
I'm so sorry  / Chanaya Burton (stranger)

I was so sorry to hear about April,she is a very beautiful girl and as a matter of fact the whole family is beautiful. I just ask yall to keep your heads up and look to JESUS because he's the man that can give you strength and remeber he dont make any mistakes.   May GOD bless all of you dearly.cbun

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