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Memorial Candles
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Eric Daniels lit a candle on 02/04/2014: "Come back"
Kanesha Woods lit a candle on 01/23/2014: "R.I.L"
JaQuan Johnson lit a candle on 12/17/2013: "Love u always April from your cousin Quan"
Stephanie Campbel lit a candle on 12/13/2013: "Missing you! I love you"
Reshon Logan lit a candle on 10/21/2013: "Just thinking of you and wanted to light a candle this morning. Missing you. Cousin Reshon"
Mrs,ronda Becky lit a candle on 09/23/2013: "even though i haven't met you my heart goes out to all the love family!"
Mary Crystal lit a candle on 09/23/2013: "dont worry because april will come back again and be with her family! she will be resurected!"
Christie Love lit a candle on 09/11/2013: "It's now been 8 years and the memory of you still remains like that of a fresh wound that should have never been opened."
Linda Hammond lit a candle on 07/23/2013: "My heart goes out to the Love family.I know the hurt and pain your going through."
Ernestine Shepherd lit a candle on 07/22/2013: "April u are an angel in heaven."
Christie Love lit a candle on 05/01/2013: "This time of the year is always tough. Happy Bday!!! 8 years of the worst loss our family has & will ever experience!"
B. Gutierrez lit a candle on 05/01/2013: "April, you will always be missed in this world. Love you, friend. I'm celebrating your bday today."
Ira Love lit a candle on 05/01/2013: "At this time 28 years ago I was blessed with a bundle of joy. Miss you always"
Stephanie Campbell lit a candle on 05/01/2013: "Happy B-day. I love u"
Lashonna Gray lit a candle on 04/30/2013: "April, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. We all miss an still love you dearly."
Adrienne Amerine lit a candle on 01/22/2013: "Hi Soror, I've never gotten the chance to meet you, but your life still lives at the UA. You are an Everlasting Ivy. <3"
Ashley Dennis lit a candle on 11/07/2012: "We miss you, your sile and warmth and it hurts but you are in a better place,"
Renata Bishop lit a candle on 11/05/2012: "Thinking of you today my sweet April, you are an angel in heaven and we miss you so much. Forever in my heart."
Vuanita Hinkle lit a candle on 10/02/2012: "You crossed my mind are missed"
Candace Mason lit a candle on 09/17/2012: "April, I miss you so much! Your smile is always there when I close my eyes to think of you! Hugs xoxoxo"
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